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Oct 29, 2013 - 2 minute read -

This page lists lectures i gave.

Malware Analysis

Where: CODE University for applied sciences, Berlin, Deutschland
When: November 2019, March 2020

In this lecture i guve students a introduction to the following topics:

  • investigating malware cases
  • technical analysis of a multi stage malware case
  • tools and techniques in malware analysis

Secure Software development

Where: CODE University for applied sciences, Berlin, Deutschland
When: March 2020

In this lecture i give students a introduction to secure software development. Topics are for example:

  • What is security in software development and how does it work.
  • IT-Security principles
  • bug classes and how to avoid or mitigate them
  • privilege bounderies and how to secure them
  • threat modeling

Jahrestagung Gesellschaft für interdisziplinäre wissenschaftliche Kriminologie (GiwK) | Sicherheit in einer digital vernetzten Welt

Where: Bielefeld, Deutschland
When: 27.-29. März 2014

There was no video or audio recording, my slides are here

sec-t 2013 | metadata == surveiliance == dangerous

Where: Stockholm, Sweden
When: September 2013

There is a video recording of this lecture as soon as it’s available i will add it here.

re:publica 2012 | How the EU fails to effectivly fight cybercrime, and why

Where: Berlin, Germany

EU approach to cybersecurity

re:publica 2010 | Praktische Antizensur

Sigint 2012 | Keynote

Where: Cologne, Germany
When: 18-20.05.2012

CyberConflicts 2012 | the attribution problem

Where: Tallin, Estonia

Video and Slides are available at (Attention: Flash needed)

Sigint 2010 | praktische Anti-Zensur

Where: Cologne, Germany
When: May 2010

27C3 | Netzneutralität

Where: Berlin, Germany
When: December, 2010

digital vodoo | undisclosed

Where: undiscloded location in europe
When: December 2010

digital voodoo is an invite only, just speaker conference about forensic and anti-forensic. it’s hold once a year at an undisclosed location in europe. everyone invited will speak, you only get in if you are invited.

CCCHB 2009 | Zensur

Where: Bremen, Germany
When: 30.06.2009