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Oct 29, 2013 - 2 minute read


I do give workshops. The following list contains a few of the workshops i offer and have conducted in the past. If you are interested or simply want to learn more about my workshops, feel free to contact me at

IT and operational security for investigative journalists

As an investigative journalist you face multiple challenges in order to do your job, protect your work, your collegues and - for most - your sources. This workshop teaches what is needed to know about IT as well as operational security for investigative journalists.

Target Audience: Journalists and Activists

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Cybersecurity for Politicians and Policymakers

The digital revolution has quite a few surprises up the sleve for law- and policymakers as well as politicans. In this workshop i will explain common misconceptions about the digital world, the internet and our networked world as well as enable participants to better understand and deal with problems from the digital age.

Target Audience: Law- and Policyamkers, Political Leaders

Cybersecurity for VIPs

VIPs are high profile targets for hackers, i’ll teach the VIP what to know about cybersecurity, how to protect your system and your self, how to behave and act while online as well as how to react if something goes wrong.

Target Adience: VIPs and their loved ones

Counter-Inteligence for busineses

a workshop for companies that face industrial espinonage. This workshop includes an audit on the current situation, consultings on possible and recommended improvements, awareness training for employees, system harding of core systems.

Taget Audience: Managment, Employees, Developers, Sales, Support, Back-Office, basically all within your organization

System Hardening and Defence

this workshop focuses on how to setup and harden a unix-based serversystem as well as how to defend it in the future from malware, attackers and other risks.

Taget Audience: System Administrators, IT-Staff, IT-Security Teams

Professional Vulnerability Management

this workshop focuses to teach companies a professional approach to vulnerability management as well as understand it-related risks.

Target Audience: Management, IT-Security, Developers and Support-Teams

Secure your Development Lifecycle

This workshop explains how to implement it-security into your development lifecycle in order to make sure it-security problems will not even araise.

Target Audience: Head of Development, Developers, ScrumMasters,…