layout: page title: “IT- and Operational Security for Journalists and activists” date: 2013-11-01 21:00 comments: true sharing: true type: draft author: Florian Walther

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If you are working as an investigative journalist or as an human-rights activist you often face situations where you need to talk to people even though you and/or your meeting partner are beeing monitored, observed, threatend and very likley punished if the wrong people find out you have had a talk or what your source have said,…

In such situations it is of utmost impartance to maintain good operational as well as good it-security in order to just have a chance of doing your job and shed light onto the facts others want to keep secret from the public.

This workshop was designed to address thos needs and teach participants how to protect themself and their peers in best possible ways. This workshop was designed with valuable input from a number of investigative journalists, activists as well as it-security and operational-security specalists from around the world.

Topics the workshop covers: